Hikari Alphax is a technology trading company that sells state-of-the-art
technologies and products.

Founded in 1948, Hikari Alphax is a technology trading company that sells state-of-the-art products. The company consists of three departments: the Social Infrastructure Dept., which handles industrial equipment, our original business; the Electronic Devices Dept., which handles semiconductors, electronic components, and other products used in all manner of products in daily life; and the Advanced Materials Dept., which handles products that increase added value in everyday life. We provide the state-of-the-art technologies and precise information our customers require along with painstaking service while maximizing the synergistic effects created through the cooperation of these three departments.

A robust partner for customers

Putting the customer first is both our founding philosophy and our fundamental perspective. This outlook provides the continuous light that has illuminated the path we’ ve traveled. That light will continue to light the way to tomorrow as we strive to become an ever more robust and reliable partner for customers.
We welcome high expectations for the solutions we offer as a technology trading company that supplies exceptional products with rock-solid technical support.

We resolve customers’ business issues and support optimal product development.

■Support structures and sales network

Our support structures are geared to foster close relationships with customers at all times. Our three sales departments provide systematic support through five support groups from the proposal stage until product delivery.

Our greatest strength lies in the three-in-one synergetic effects that allow us to supply service with an unparalleled level of added value.