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Environmental Policies
As an expert trading company in electronics, Hikari Alphax Inc. strives to be a good mediator between the customer and the manufacturer, and has developed business activities with the goal of providing a wide range of information and sincere service.
We understand the responsibilities involved in carrying out a leading role in the local and global environment, and all members of the company seek to continuously improve the conservation of our irreplaceable global environment and create a better world in our business operations.
Based on this principle , we contribute to the environment, society, and our clients through our business activities, while promoting the following activities to further the coexistence of the environment and business.

1. Conservation of the global environment and reduction of environment load are set as part of out standard business activities, and we shall contribute to society by constructing an environmental management system, and work towards continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
2. We shall be in compliance with all laws and regulations related to the environment, as well as any requirements agreed upon by this company.
3. We shall set an environmental objective and goals, and review them regularly.
4. We shall actively promote resource and energy saving activities, utilizing EDI dealings and the latest information devices and systems for environmental conservation.
5. We shall address a wide range of environmental issues, provide information, and promote educational activities to our clients, manufacturers, and the local community through our business activities.
6. We shall propose environmentally friendly business products, systems, and transactions, and work towards the sale of such.
In addition to notifying the above matters to all personnel, in the event of demands from outside the company, we shall promptly respond.

April 2014

President Sadayoshi Komoto