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Policy on Information Security
As an enterprise which plays a role in the maintenance of the social infrastructure, Hikari Alphax Inc. recognizes that it is responsible, not only to the customer, but also to society, for the proper use and management of all information resources held by the company. In order to put this in practice, the following information security countermeasures are carried out by the company as a whole.

1. “Information security” means maintaining information confidentiality, completeness, and availability.
2. Information to be protected shall include both tangible and intangible information resources handled by this company.
3. This company shall establish an operation and management system of information resources, and set the Representative Director of the company as chief executive of information security.
4. This company shall carry out education for all employees, in order to familiarize each employee with the needs and importance of the information security. Moreover, all affiliated companies which use the company information resources shall also be informed of the needs and importance of information security, and be provided with instructions regarding use and management of such information resources.
5. According to the company’s basic policy on information security, various security management regulations, etc, shall be determined in order to smoothly carry out information security measures.
6. This company shall carry out a regular internal audit in order to confirm that the information security system is properly operating. Moreover, new risks shall be determined through daily countermeasure activities and the internal audit, and the operation and management of the security system for information resources shall be verified and improved as needed.
April 2014

President Sadayoshi Komoto